Hello Ladies

Welcome to „Anja’s Lifestyle“!
On purpose, I didn’t choose a fitness related name for this plattform, because I didn’t want this to be „just another fitness programm“.

Many of you got to know me as a „Bodybuilding Girl“ and „Fitness Youtuber“. As you are following me on social media, you might have noticed, that I completly changed my looks, my theories and my lifestyle.

Let me explain from the beginning:

My fitness journey started all great and successful, but after a few years spending every day inside the gym, my entire life has become all about weights and scaling food. There was no room for anything else.
I completly distanced myself from my social life and any other hobbies I actually loved.

Social Media permanently showed me all these perfect bodies, which made me feel insecure. It always gave me the feeling: „You are not good enough yet.“
Spending day in day out in between pre cooked meals and dumbbells, I realized I have lost myself in all that iron delusion.

I know many of you suffer from the same!

I decided to quit my bodybuilding carreer plans, became lazy and gained weight!
From that moment on, all I wanted was to finally find a healthy balance.

I don’t want to identify myself any longer as an extreme fitness athlete. I rather want to be a role model for women out here living a normal life, just like you might.
There is no need to daily spend several hours at the gym and scale every single apple bite, just to feel beautiful and selfconfident.

Look at me today: I have lost fat, I do have a slim, fit and female body shape – and the best: I am happy!
This is all possible on a realizable way, no need for crazy life changes and going without things you love.

The solution to find my balance and live a healthy lifestyle was to take a few steps back in the fitness industry.
As you hopefully understand, this is not a fitness program, this is me giving you very detailed insights about how I live my everyday lifestyle today. As you will see, Fitness is still a part of it – but in a completely different way!

You won’t find a video of me in a gym inside this program, simply because I don’t necessarily need a gym.
Let me show you in multiple exclusive videos, how you can do it just like me and keep yourself fit without a gym and a food scale!

My new lifestyle demands less workouts and less dieting – more outdoor activities and way more flexibility in the kitchen. On top of that, a healthier and sexier body! What else do you want?

Come with me and join my lifestyle for 4 weeks. Let me teach you how to bring an end to all these diets and fitness illusions. Become a healthy attitude towards life! When you set your mind right, your body will follow.

This is not about jumping in between On- and Offseason shape and tracking every single calorie.
With less you can achieve more sometimes!

I am proud to be healthy, fit, selfconfident and happy with myself as never before!
I am glad I found a lifestyle which keeps me in shape, and involves other things too instead of only weight lifting all day long.

Live my lifestyle 4 weeks long and get inspired!